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  • What brings out the ‘Giver’ in you ? Why does it make you Happy? Have you wondered about this?.
  • During the 2015 Chennai floods, we were group out there voulenteering to help. We had a magical moment amdist all that chaos.
  • We felt a deep sense of oneness with all the people around. Beyond all that which divided us before the flood. Also everyone was willing to give, to serve. What they could and I could see that joy amidst chaos.
  • I came to understand two profound facts.
  • Everyone of us believe in the essential goodness of mankind and Everyone loves to experience the joy of being a giver.
  • But one troubling question I had was, Why does it take a crisis to unlock this beautiful aspect of our human nature?
  • All this led to the idea of iGiver!. An attempt to inspire the whole world to experience giving and the joy that comes as a gift.
  • A similar situation is unfolding before us. Now is the time to experience this gift.
  • Be an iGiver.