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Adhithi Devo Bhava – ‘The Guest is equivalent to God’ is the mantra that is deeply rooted in Nala. We are the best when it comes to cooking tasty food and we prepare it with care & passion. Experience our unique ‘Nala Bhaga’ specially made for our Gods and Taste Happiness with Nala.

Our founder Dr.Siva Kumar started his career in one of the popular Five Star Hotels in Chennai and later ventured on his own to follow his passion. He found Nala in the year 1990. He is the recipient of National Excellence Award in the year 2004 at New Delhi for his contributions in the field of Catering. He was also crowned as “Nalabhaga Maamani” by South Indian Caterers Association and is fondly called as “Nalabhaga” Sivakumar by his clients. He was honored the prestigious Doctorate Award for his contributions in the food industry by World Classical Tamil University

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