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School Pogalama!

Rajammal trust for special children is an NGO working for the rehabilitation and vocational educational services of differently abled persons. They run Kumaran Special School to provide rehabilitation and vocational training services to these children. About 35 to 40 special children per year have been getting training, rehabilitation and special education services since 2002.


Help underprivileged children to achieve more this school year. Donate Full School kit - School Bag, Water Bottle, Pouch, Big stationery, and Tree Tiffin Box. You can even donate individual items.

Easy to Donate!

  • Each Full School kit has a School Bag, Water Bottle, Pouch, Big Stationery and Tree Tiffin Box. You can donate individual items as well.
  • Donors who contribute to the School Kit initiative can avail of the 80G tax exemption from Aram Porul Foundation.
  • All updates will be posted on this campaign page after distribution.
  • Each kit cost includes Payment Gateway Charges and iGiver platform fee.

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