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50 Weeks of Giving! Dakshinachitra Complimentary Tickets to all Donors!
Successful Journey


Dear Givers

Didn’t realise this was Week 50! Till i started to create this post!

Congrats to all of us who are Inspired to Give!

Our primary goal is to make Giving Easy-Transparent-Delightful! Still a long way to go. Happy giving 🙂

Remembering my first post. Allow me a little nostalgic indulgence :) LINK

Dear Friend . Hope all is well. I have created this WhatsApp broadcast and added you.

Some of you might recognize me , some may not. But I have contacted you at some point, so you are in my WhatsApp list. 🙂

The idea is to share updates about a non profit initiative I have started to help people directly, an In-kind only, no money, approach, even anonymously. Check www.igiver.org.

01 - Celebration/Giving Back

In other big news, Dakshinachitra (Website Link) who is our NGO partner , needs no Introduction. DakshinaChitra is an exciting cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India. One of the Institutions which was hit hard by the Pandemic. They continue to support many artists, in spite of complete  severe constraints.

Amazingly, out of their immense kindness, they have given 200 complimentary entry tickets, each valued at Rs 150/- on a weekday. We have decided to send them your way!

You could also show your kindness to Dakshinachitra by supporting them through our iGiver campaign.

Look up the appeal below in this post or visit Dakshinachitra Campaign Link 


If you have donated through any of our campaigns, please send a message ‘Happy Giving’ to our dedicated WhatsApp No +91 7358203763.Make sure its from the mobile no you gave us. We will send TWO tickets your way!

01 - Appeal Video

Drum Beats of Dakshinachitra! A campaign to help Artists.

Give one kit for Rs1000/-

Go to our campaign page and donate Drum Beats of Dakshinachitra! A campaign to help Artists.

  • Donate to DakshinaChitra’s Covid Relief Fund
  • DakshinaChitra is your community museum, and we need your help to sustain it.
  • In 2019, DakshinaChitra had over 250,000 visitors.
    However we have been closed for over 10 months due to the pandemic.
  • Donate to DakshinaChitra’s covid relief fund to help us continue
    running the museum and supporting our staff, craftspeople, and

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