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Instant Joy of Giving! 14 years of Surabi. 100kg Thank you!

iGiver Journey – week #33

Motivation Video

Our entire life we look for happiness. We move mountains to get a mustard seed of happiness.

What seems to be a simple law of life is Giving with an open heart gives instant joy. And it follows you, wherever you go.

Why? simple , giving puts a smile on your face. and a smile born of inner joy is the most attractive thing in this universe.


Know Your NGO

Surabi Trust is a non-government and philanthropic organization located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu rendering various services to the under privileged sections of society. The organization was founded by a group of like-minded friends on 20th March 2008, registering under the Trust Act with the ultimate aim of serving society. The objectives of Surabi Trust is to reach, help, support and advance the interests of the oppressed and down-trodden especially in matters of health, education, women empowerment and livelihood.

Show your Kindness

iGiver is proud to have facilitated as a platform helping donors give 100 kg organic vegetables to Surabi Trust, in partnership with Organic Farmers Market.

In this video you see Nagaraj, who runs the OFM Anna Nagar, packing one lot of 25 KG vegetables out of 100kg. Then a sweet little boy from Surabi thanks all the donors for their kindness.

If you want to give in kind donations. leave a comment below, email info@igiver.org or contact me at 7200011175.

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  1. Sankara

    29th Mar 2021 - 6:08 am

    Good initiative and collaboration igiver team. Surabhi trust is doing a great work and helping them thru your platform is awesome.

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