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Happy Giving Journey Week 67 Dear Givers First video is out! Of a small rural library. Let's make it big :) We have starting a new campaign in Bengaluru -Gift a book and light a lamp It's[...]

Happy Giving Journey Week 66 Dear Givers Instamojo was kind enough to write an article about iGiver in their Blog. It helps us spread the word. Thank you Hibathu We have starting a new campaign in Bengaluru[...]

Happy Giving Journey Week 65 Dear Givers Sending this post on a monday evening, as a lot of people are looking at this post on a Monday, as per Analytics :) We are starting a new campaign[...]

If you are looking for week 65, please goto this link https://igiver.org/gift-a-book-and-light-a-lamp-more-thank-you-videos/ We sent the wrong link in our week 65 update message. Apologies! Happy Giving Journey Week 64 Dear Givers Sending this post on a monday[...]

Happy Giving Journey Week 62 Dear Givers Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Diwali 2021 Campaign "Lets celebrate this 2021 Diwali with 3000 Underprivileged kids!". We have reached 3155 Boxes. We have exceeded our Target[...]

Happy Giving Journey Week 61 Dear Givers Sending the weekly update on a Monday instead of Sunday. Apologies for the delay. I am sure at the end of yesterdays match, a lot of our hearts were broken.[...]

Happy Giving Journey Week 60 Dear Givers Lots of exciting info this week. We got featured in Adyar Times, a local newspaper 956 boxes and counting .... Wishtree launch To begin with want to share these two[...]

Happy Giving Journey Week 59 Dear Givers What a phenomenal week it was. The first is these set of photographs received. The level of satisfaction and joy is immeasurable when you truly give with no strings attached.[...]

Happy Giving Journey Week 58 Dear Givers Daan Utsav, Joy of Giving Week is being celebrated across the country from 2 Oct to 8 Oct and you know iGiver is all about giving. :) So we put[...]

Happy Giving Journey Week 56 Dear Givers Amazing article. Lakshmi Paatti She is Mrs Lakshmi  but fondly called as Krithika mess Patti of Madippakkam . She is above seventy and has been running a mess in that[...]