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story of lakshmi paati. Cooking for Homeless in Taiwan. Thank you video and Announcements!
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Amazing article.

Lakshmi Paatti

She is Mrs Lakshmi  but fondly called as Krithika mess Patti of Madippakkam . She is above seventy and has been running a mess in that belt for quite some time . Her husband was the pillar of strength for her endeavour and they both were running the mess and many people used to eat in that mess for  the Patti

She lost her daughter sometime back and the couple were struggling to make out both ends meet during the covid times all these days . People who live in that area may know her for her smiling and courteous service .

Unfortunately months back her husband too died and she is being now supported by a known person to run the mess with Patti Heading the cooking area .

My Friend Rangabharati who shared this news with me told that he went there with his friend  Mr Sai Santhosh

I shared in turn this with my friend  Mr Muralidaran KN and he extended his help through his friend Mr Om Sai and had wired me a sum of Rs 5000/ which was given to her  through a local resident Mrs Nagarajan .

—Reported By Mr Bhaskar (https://www.facebook.com/seshadri.baskar.3)

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Cooking for a cause

I came across the video and wanted to share it with you. So inspiring. First we get to see the plight of homeless people in another country. Next how kindness is a universal language. Amazing. It’s a bit of a long video, but worth it. Use English Subtitles.  Thank you Mr Khushroo Poacha sir for sharing this video.


Watch Video below or

Goto Link https://www.mewatch.sg/watch/Cooking-For-A-Cause-E1-243931

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