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Sharing an inspiring story of the Giving journey, of a 5 year old girl.

Sharing an inspiring story of the Giving journey, of a 5 year old girl.


It is so amazing to see the spontaneous empathy and definitive action of this little child.

“Bethany’s Happy Bags for the Homeless was born in 2019 out of the heartbreak of a 5 year old who saw people in need on the streets of Savannah, GA. We hope to spark kindness and spread love throughout our community & perhaps, in time, around the world.

My sweet daughter Bethany saw a homeless man asking for money back in December and she looked at me and cried. She asked me to open up her piggy bank and give all of the money to the homeless people we saw on a daily basis here in Savannah,GA. My heart broke. Here was my 5 year old daughter…worried about our neighbors who don’t have homes. Some of whom don’t have food or a place to lay their head at night. Bethany’s Happy Bags for the Homeless was born and we started handing out quart size bags with items that they might need.”

Check her website here https://bethanyshappybags.com/

Our first campaign got tremendous support. So many donors called and asked how can we give after this campaign. Many were happy we sourced Organic vegetables, that too from  a farmers collective.Organic Farmers Market www.ofmtn.in .That in itself felt so satisfying.We will be making a video on how we are collecting this Vegetables and How it is being distributed to the NGO. Please do call or write to me with your ideas/inputs to improve.

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  1. nagraj panchawati

    18th Jan 2021 - 5:45 pm

    Great example of empathy for the needy

  2. ig_admin

    19th Jan 2021 - 6:58 pm

    Thank you for your support.

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