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Ultimate Charity!

iGiver Journey – week #37

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Among so much of news about suffering across the Country, this news lifted my spirits up. This great man has done the impossible, given the ultimate charity, his own life. It is inconceivable for almost any one of us. Such acts reinforce the faith we need to have , on humanity. Amidst relentless onslaught by a pandemic, we hear the profiteering and selfishness of the very people who are supposed to support us.

There comes a moment where we might thing what’s the point in glorifying our species. Even after all this, can we not raise above pettiness, rank selfishness. Then comes such a news. It lifts our spirits up. We need come out triumphant, on the other side of this dark period.

We have amongst us some humanity left, which is worth preserving.

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Show your Kindness

This is a time of crisis. The first and foremost duty is to keep yourself self, then your loved ones. But also take this opportunity to support those in need. There are plenty of great initiatives run by volunteers. Please do reach out to me if you are interested in being a part of this movement.

Most of these activities can be done purely online, but will make a great difference. Could save lives.

If you have come across any initiatives that you want us to be made known widely, please reach out.

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  1. Shylaja

    3rd May 2021 - 8:20 am

    Your service is excellent service..kindly support our ARAM special children

  2. nagraj panchawati

    3rd May 2021 - 11:08 am

    He must have been like that through out whole life sacrificing for others it’s really rare see a person putting others needs above his own a lot to learn from this gesture.

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