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Full List of NGO to whom distributed the sweets! More Thank you videos!

If you are looking for week 65, please goto this link

We sent the wrong link in our week 65 update message. Apologies!
Happy Giving Journey


Dear Givers

Sending this post on a monday evening, as a lot of people are looking at this post on a Monday, as per Analytics 🙂

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Diwali 2021 Campaign “Lets celebrate this 2021 Diwali with 3000 Underprivileged kids!“.

We have distributed the sweet boxes to 3000 children across 25 NGOs. Please see below the full list along with the contact.
The extra funds collected from donors, over and above our 3000 target, will be used for donating books to children homes, as per donor request. Will publish that list next week.
Thank you

Full List

Smile Maker Certificate

We want to thank you for your kindness. We achieved our campaign target and could do it only because of kind people like you!

We have a gift for you. A personalised certificate! Like the one here, WITH YOUR NAME ON IT 🙂


It will also be in our Website permanently like this https://donate.igiver.org/smilemaker/your-name

IF you haven’t received it by email. Please WhatsApp ‘Smile Maker ‘ to our number  73582 03763

01 - Campaign Update

We have Completed the Distribution of the Sweet Boxes to Kids!
End of the day. Gratitude! To everyone and everything!

03 - Wishtree Launch and Appeal

Expanded Catalogue.

Start giving from 1 Kg Vegetable!

We are super excited to announce the next big feature of iGiver, Wishtree.

Our first option is ‘Give what you love’ , where you can donate from a list of 75 products across 8 categories. Groceries, Vegetables, Fruits,  Cookies, Books anything your heart desires.

Now you can Give what they Need!, we have put together a list of 300 plus wishes from about 20 NGO across Chennai and Bangalore.

When you pay as a Donor, the payment goes to the retailer directly.

The retailer delivers the product to the NGO of your choice

Donor receives a thank you video in your WhatsApp, from the NGO when a donation reaches the NGO, based on the first name shared with them.

Easy and Transparent.

On this auspicious day, Start your giving journey. You can even give 1 kg Vegetable.

visit https://donate.igiver.org/wishtree

WhatsApp Wishtree to 73582 03763

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