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Gift a book and light a lamp! New campaign. More Thank you videos!
Happy Giving Journey


Dear Givers

Sending this post on a monday evening, as a lot of people are looking at this post on a Monday, as per Analytics 🙂

We are starting a new campaign in Bengaluru -Gift a book and light a lamp

It’s a new initiative to create small community library for children in rural areas. We would like to replicate this across the country

Once again. Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Diwali 2021 Campaign “Lets celebrate this 2021 Diwali with 3000 Underprivileged kids!“.

Thank you

New campaign Alert!

Donate delightful children’s books to NGOs with Pratham Books and Amar Chitra Katha!


Vishranthi Children’s Home is part of Vishranthi Trust and houses 18 children between the age of 4 to 14 years. In addition to this, Vishranthi reaches out to children across 7 villages in the surrounding vicinity. Each village has approximately 35 children who the center reaches out to, to support various needs such as nutrition and education.

Number of children impacted – 18  beneficiaries at Vishranthi and Approximately 175 children across 7 villages



Mitra Foundation  is a non-profit , rural development and voluntary organization based in Bangalore, founded and active since 2012. The Foundation works with villages and Government schools in Doddaballapur and Nelamangala.

Number of children impacted – Approximately 150


Full List

Smile Maker Certificate

We want to thank you for your kindness. We achieved our campaign target and could do it only because of kind people like you!

We have a gift for you. A personalised certificate! Like the one here, WITH YOUR NAME ON IT 🙂


It will also be in our Website permanently like this https://donate.igiver.org/smilemaker/your-name

IF you haven’t received it by email. Please WhatsApp ‘Smile Maker ‘ to our number  73582 03763

01 - Campaign Update

We have Completed the Distribution of the Sweet Boxes to Kids!
End of the day. Gratitude! To everyone and everything!

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