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Give like a King! Food Donation pics. Appeal for Contribution! Expanded Donation Catalogue.
Happy Giving Journey


Dear Givers

What a phenomenal week it was.

The first is these set of photographs received. The level of satisfaction and joy is immeasurable when you truly give with no strings attached. It doesn’t matter how much you give. What matters is the state of your mind when you give. Give freely. Expect nothing. Give like a King would give!

iGiver campaign got featured in Daan Utsav 2021

Do you have any inspiring stories to share? Let us Know. We have thousands of people who read this newsletter , we will take it to them.  WhatsApp Inspiring to 73582 03763

01 - Campaign Appeal

Thank you so much for your support. We have reached a commendable milestone of 500 boxes.

But we need more help! Please share this link with others. 

We Givers all have done so much to the underprivileged during this difficult times. Some i am sure have done way beyond their comfort limit. Please do share this message so more of kind people like you can participate in spreading the joy.

Lets see if we can cross the next big mark of 1000 Boxes. One thousand guaranteed smiles.

visit https://igiver.org/diwali2021/

Expanded Catalogue.

Start giving from 1 Kg Vegetable!

Now you can Give 75 Products across 8 Categories.

Start your Giving Journey by donating 1 Kg Vegetable for Rs55/-

Checkout donate.iGiver.org

WhatsApp Give Product to 73582 03763

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