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veg600 iGiver Veg300 Campaign

The following NGO will receive the benefits

1. Arunodayam

For 18 Years, Sri Arunodayam has been providing a safe and caring environment for abandoned mentally challenged children in Chennai, India.

These Children have been abandoned in hospitals and in crowded public places such as railway and bus stations. At times, even in dustbins!At our home they are welcomed, nurtured, fed, clothed, rehabilitated and loved.We try to give these children what they lost – a home and a family!They are 115 children at our home.

+91 99622 80037 – Iyyappan

2. Surabi Trust

Surabi Trust is a registered charitableTrust found by a group of socially committed youth in the year 2008 and is based in Chennai. We initiated our efforts to serve children in distress and empower women to be self-reliant. Your contribution makes a significant difference in the lives of these deprived children and the society in distress.

9551686432 – Shiela/Ramba

3. Anandam

Anandam is a Charitable Trust registered in the year 1995 for the cause of serving the needy and deserving strata of the society. In the year 2003, we started Anandam, a free Home for Senior citizens, for elders who have no living children and no source of income. We began with 3 elders in a house at Lenin Nagar, Ambattur which was offered free of rent by a benevolent couple. We now have 105 elders with us in our own building of 24,000 sqft. at Kallikuppam, Ambattur.

97104 46131 – jayanthi