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147 EPO Injections received. Presentation to TN Startup dept. .iGiver New Announcements.
Successful Journey


Dear Givers

We got an Invitation to present our iGiver concept to TANSIM. StartupTN is an agency of the Government of Tamil Nadu, nurturing a benevolent entrepreneurial ecosystem in the State. Very interesting to see that Government was keen to take this idea to the entire state. Also such an Honor. https://startuptn.in/about/



In More News about iGiver evolving as a platform…………

Excited to share! Soon lot more interesting activities to follow on WhatsApp. Support/Enquiries/Order Status.

Re iterating on how the platform works!

Our primary goal is to make Giving Easy-Transparent-Delightful! To help you in that we are soon Launching a new feature in our website.

Give to your favorite NGO all through the year, choosing from products like Books, Grocery, Vegetables, Food etc. our web store. Watch the teaser video below.

Happy giving 🙂

01 - Relief work Updates

147 EPO Injections Received !  – Thank you all!

The Campaign still open.

Donate EPO Injections to TANKER Foundation. TANKER serves the poor who cannot afford the cost of treatment for Kidney Disease

Happy to report that we have raised 102 Injections worth funds or 16% of our target.  you can give even 1 Injection for Rs 200/-.

Go to Give One Injection

TANKER Foundation, a nearly three-decade old non-profit organization are dedicated to providing quality, affordable treatment to the underprivileged with kidney disease.

Today, the foundation has 11 dialysis units across Tamil Nadu and as of March 2021 we have successfully performed 398,325 dialysis procedures. We perform about 6230 dialysis per month of which 5861 are done free of charge and the rest at a highly subsidized rate. TANKER is also responsible for conducting around 420 screening camps for early detection and diagnosis of kidney disease and we have successfully screened 35,793 individuals.

As part of the dialysis treatment, some patients are administered Erythropoietin (EPO) Injections based on their individual levels of haemoglobin. This injection is retailed at ₹1100 to ₹1600 depending on the brand. However, we are able to procure this at ₹200 for the patients.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a drastic economic decline and the patients are finding it impossible to afford even the ₹200 treatment. Therefore, we would like to provide this free of cost for at least 4 months (June-September 2021) so as to support the patients and provide them with necessary healthcare.

WhatsApp +91 73582 03763

Goto EPO Injection Campaign Page

03 - Appeal Video

02 - Relief work Updates

Drum Beats of Dakshinachitra! A campaign to help Artists.

Give one kit for Rs1000/-

Go to our campaign page and donate Drum Beats of Dakshinachitra! A campaign to help Artists.

  • Donate to DakshinaChitra’s Covid Relief Fund
  • DakshinaChitra is your community museum, and we need your help to sustain it.
  • In 2019, DakshinaChitra had over 250,000 visitors.
    However we have been closed for over 10 months due to the pandemic.
  • Donate to DakshinaChitra’s covid relief fund to help us continue
    running the museum and supporting our staff, craftspeople, and

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