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COVID Relief work by iGiver and How can you help?

iGiver Journey – week #39

Dear Givers

In this post i am just providing details about the two major initiatives NGO are running through our iGiver platform.

Daily food donation in Chennai during the period of lockdown

Food distribution to Homeless in Chennai lockdown. From 10 May 2021 onwards. We have distributed hundreds of home cooked food.

iGiver Initiative to support the Homeless, especially the disabled. We are distributing freshly prepared food and water bottles in many areas in Chennai, to Homeless people, especially who disabled and not in a condition to seek assistance, as a part of our COVID RELIEF initiatives jointly run with Aram Porul Foundation.

Reach out if you want to support. Call 7200011175 or email info@igiver.org

Donate an Oximeter to Vaishnavi Trust and help save lives!

For the last six years, Vaishnavi Welfare and Charitable Trust (VWCT) has been working with children ages 6 to 18 to alleviate suffering due to malnourishment.

For Its COVID relief work in 9 panchayat of Tirunelveli district, the trust is in need of 50 oximeters to be distributed to the Public Health Centres and volunteers who will be going door to door in these panchayats to check the vitals of people.

Visit Oximeter Campaign Page

Please donate an Oximeter and help save lives

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