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Do you have a spot? Magic of Football from Project Future India

iGiver Journey – week #32

Motivation Video

Small acts make a BIG difference, but the BIGGEST difference comes by doing kind acts for strangers—people you don’t know, people different than you, people with different backgrounds and even beliefs. Spread the love far and wide. A simple story yet it is the simple things we forget in our mad rush to nowhere.


Know Your NGO

kalyananthy, through her Project Future India Initiative is creating life transforming opportunities for underprivileged Children through football.

iGiver is product to support her incredible vision. See video below for complete info.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/Projectfutureindiatrust/

Show your Kindness

Rupa, a kind soul wanted to celebrate the important day of a loved one by sharing a wholesome lunch with people at Cheshire Homes.

She and her family visited and person and served with love. May your tribe increase!

You too can give in a similar way! We can help you.

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