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Food given to Children. Feeding Migrant workers in Bengaluru. Role of Big Basket!

iGiver Journey – week #41

Dear iGivers

The COVID second wave seem to be coming down all across the nation. But still the economic impact is still very much prevalent. I am also able to see so many people coming together to help one another. The social awareness that we have to contribute to the collective well being of our society has definitely gone up.

Relief work Updates

With the help of many Givers we are providing nutritious Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for about 65 Children who belong to Anandha Illam, a Home setup by Dr Manorama.


Visit http://www.cheschennai.org/contact-us 

Our iGiver also found a fantastic Woman Entrepreneur who was willing to cook these meals and deliver them in this lockdown. We have to salute her. We got feedback from these lovely children that the food was very tasty as well.

It is costing Rs120/- per child per day. For a group of 65 children we need Rs 7800/-

If you want to contribute please reach out to me. You can pay either the NGO or the Catering person directly.

Reach out to me in WhatsApp no 73582 03763 for details.

In Kind Donation

Another in kind donation made this week was 50 KG organic vegetables given to Anbagam.

Anbagam rescues or takes in mentally ill men, helps them regain mental health, and reunites them with the families and communities they were a part of. At its centres in Chennai (Tamilnadu) and Mulakalacheruvu.

Visit https://www.anbagam.org/

Appeal Video

Fistful of Rice – Feed Migrants campaign by Vishranthi Trust Bengaluru

iGivers second Campaign in Bengaluru.

Over 400 families of migrant workers are struggling without work and food. There are over 380 children who are near starvation and we definitely need to help. Your kind donation of one kit can feed a family for 3-4 weeks.

Call 9900584471

Go to our campaign page and donate https://igiver.org/fistful-of-rice/

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