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Golden squirrel’s advice!

iGiver Journey – week #36

First of, apologies for missing last weeks post. Was unable to create a post due to some personal duties.

Motivation Video

The squirrel’s definition of charity was shocking, to say the least. Definitely extreme, we feel. But my dear friends, how many of us give,

even when we have excess. The scarcity we feel is a mental condition and not a true reflection of what we posses. A person who truly feel abundant alone can do charity.

That is we say ‘Giving is the celebration of Life’

Show your Kindness

5KG Organic Fruits will be Donated every month for a year !

A kind donor like you has given a year’s supply of organic bananas .

Thanks to Organic Farmers Market for supplying. GOLDEN BUTTERFLIES – CHILDREN’S PALLIATIVE CARE FOUNDATION Golden Butterflies Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF), is a not-for-profit Charitable Trust, working to provide emotional and financial support to underprivileged terminally ill children by facilitating appropriate palliative care and counselling to avoid unnecessary suffering. We are a secular organization that believes in equal opportunity for all.

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