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My country, COVID Relief Initiatives.

iGiver Journey – week #38

Motivation Video

My Country. She is Awesome.

My Country is hurting. But She is strong.

My Country is unwell. But she is healing.

My Country looks divided. But she is one mother of all

My Country is facing impossible odds. She will win inspite of it.

My Country lacks money. She is the wealthiest, Spiritually.

World may give up On us. We always have each other.

If each one of us try to lift just one person, to the right or left. We lift all.

Let’s show the world how it’s done!

#togetherwecan #weliftall #igiver

Show your Kindness

iGiver Initiative 1:

If you are an NGO working on COVID relief, please get in touch with us. We are running a joint initiative with instamojo. https://www.instamojo.com/

  • No transaction fee for donations received upto 10 lakhs (domestic donations only)
  • Funds will reach your account on the next day.
  • iGiver will help you setup the payment Gateway at no Cost


iGiver Initiative 2:

As you are aware there is a complete lockdown in Chennai. One of the worst affected groups are homeless people , especially those who are disabled. We have started a food donation campaign where we are distributing freshly prepared food packets to these people who need support. Started on 8 May 2021, Saturday. Will continue throughout the lockdown.

If any of you kind givers want to be a part of this initiative, please do reach out to me at 7200011175

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