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“The Character of the Man in Black” by Oliver Goldmith

#week 21

Oliver Goldsmith was also one of the most prominent essayists of the 18th century, here paints a picture of a person who is so very kind at heart but hides it!

I think we are all like this. we are all soaked in empathy deep inside. That is why we feel the misery of others. Yet we have layers upon layers of doubt that stops us from moving from ‘thoughts of kindness’ to ‘acts of kindness’. All this comes to naught. Your possessions are not yours, except your possessiveness to them. Look for an excuse, to give 🙂

This Essay reminds me of the great Kibran who talks about giving. That is for another post for another Sunday.

Read this beautiful essay and see if you are that ‘Person in Black’ Here Black is symbolic of hidden empathy, i think.

“….though his conversation be replete with the most sordid and selfish maxims, his heart is dilated with the most unbounded love. I have known him profess himself a man-hater, while his cheek was glowing with compassion; and, while his looks were softened into pity, I have heard him use the language of the most unbounded ill-nature. Some affect humanity and tenderness, others boast of having such dispositions from nature; but he is the only man I ever knew who seemed ashamed of his natural benevolence. “



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Happy Giving.

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