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Week #14

Please hear my interview with Sandhya Jaichandren, Managing Trustee and Co-founder Samskriya Foundation.

She is passionately committed to providing holistic education to children. She strongly believes that experiential learning with the development of critical thinking skills is crucial for children to succeed in the modern world.

The foundation is a registered public trust with the main aim of empowering children through effective access to learning.

She is one of the five givers whom we are honouring in our first’ Honoring the Giver’ series. Please do listen the free flowing informal chat. What clearly comes through is the dedication to the cause. And a belief that they can hold the hands of everyone in the community and take us to a better tomorrow.

In case you feel like being a part of this movement please find them at their web address http://www.samskriyafoundation.org/

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The goal of our iGiver app platform is to make Giving easy, transparent and delightful. We have an app that connects NGO and donors for In-kind donation only.


Give books, groceries, vegetables. Find who needs your help near you, through various filters, give in kind , directly, even anonymously .

We will ensure that you receive a thank you video from the NGO even if you prefer to be Anonymous.

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