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Week #17

What better example than this to prove that as humans we have enormous capability to resolve difficult conflicts through love and service. This act is spontaneous and pure, not something born out of complicated strategy. Thats why it is working beautifully, in bringing two opposing parties together. Such is the power of Giving.

“Amidst scenes of police-farmers clash on the streets of Haryana and Delhi, a heart-warming video doing the rounds on social media has attracted everyone’s attention.

In this video from Haryana’s Karnal, a langar organised by a Gurudwara saw a large number of policemen being fed along the National Highway 1.

In the video, dozens of policemen dressed in uniform (some with lathis and in what seems to be riot gear) are seated facing each other in two long rows. Volunteers from the langar can be seen serving them food. ”


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