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Week #3

Happy to connect again. This week we want to share a beautiful video that Celebrates anonymous giving. What a joy, to bring smiles to others, especially those who are ina difficult spot.

We didn’t create this video. We don’t know who did. But thanks to them. If you know who is the original creator please let us know. We want to give something beautiful to that person.

Also glad to report we have collected more than 500 books through our book donation Mela. It’s on till 31 Aug. If you have books to give, tell us and we will collect.

Happy giving.


The goal of our iGiver app platform is to make Giving easy, transparent and delightful.

The app connects NGO and donors for In-kind donation only.

No money involved, find who needs your help near you, through various filters, give in kind , directly, even anonymously . We will send you a thank you video from the NGO.


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