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Week #7

The one really good thing that happened during this period of lockdown is I met some amazing Givers. Who went way beyond simple empathetic response. Way beyond their economic limitations. Who provided inspiration to a lot of people to become givers themselves.

Let me have the pleasure of Introducing my dear friend Baskar Sheshadri. Please hear my informal telephonic chat with him. Candid,humble, open hearted and very real. Click the youtube link below to hear the interview

You can reach him at 9841033888

The goal of our iGiver app platform is to make Giving easy, transparent and delightful.

The app connects NGO and donors for In-kind donation only. Find who needs your help near you, through various filters like location, NGO name your budget etc, give in kind , directly, even anonymously . We will ensure that you receive a thank you video from the NGO.


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