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Why be Kind? Children share their bold views!

iGiver Journey – week #35

Motivation Video

Children are amazing teachers, for they share their views uncorrupted by the baggage of growing up. Here they answer the question Why be kind? Listen up.


Know your NGO

Interesting fact being both the giver and receiver is called Palanisami. The world is mysterious beautiful 🙂 Mr. MP.Palanisami who runs the CANDLE NGO expresses his thanks to the donor and also explains how this happened through the iGiver in the video We thank Mr Palanisami who was the kind donor. May his tribe increase. CANDLE NGO Pudukottai Mr. MP.Palanisami


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Show your Kindness

From our Video Archives

We are happy to share that basic provisions for a month was given to the senior citizen home run by Akshaya Trust Chennai Ms. Bhuvaneswari and many other residents express their thanks to the donor. We thank Ms Muthulakshmi who was the kind donor. May her tribe increase. Akshaya Trust Chennai Ms Bhuvaneswari


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