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It’s No Longer Survival of the Fittest, But an Extension of Generosity to Others – Real Leaders

Giving makes sense. Not just at a personal emotional level, but at a scientific level as well.

“So it’s not the individual that survives, it’s the community that cooperates that survives.”

This is something i think the whole world has realized in the recent times. How we need to think and act as a group, a community if we have to even just survive.

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Other highlights

Big Thank you to all you givers for making the Veg donation campaign a huge success.

We achieved 157.1% of the target we originally set out to achieve.

After the campaign you can continue to give to many Old age Homes, Children’s, women’s shelter homes of your choice through our Android APP


Please check https://igiver.org/product/veg300/ for more information

Welcome to the New world of Giving. Where empathy meets technology meets gratitude. Happy Giving

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